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ARFanage Animals: May

I’ve always had a huge soft spot for pets, especially rescue animals. I have four at home of my own and I guarantee you they’ll all make an appearance on this blog at some point. They are my children, after all. All of my pets have been rescues and it brings me tremendous joy to help unite a dog or cat with their furever home. That’s why I volunteer as a photographer with the Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF for short) at their facility, the ARFanage (clever, no?!), to help spread the word about all the wonderful babies we have there waiting for their loving families to come and take them home! Some weeks we have just one or two new dogs that need photographing and some weeks we have a dozen or more. May was a pretty busy month for us, so here are just a few of the many sweet animals I photographed at the ARFanage this past month.

BelleBelle01Belle Belle — ADOPTED!

Blackberry01Blackberry — Still Waiting!

Brutus02Brutus — ADOPTED!

Cisco03Cisco — ADOPTED!

ClarkKent01Clark Kent – Still Waiting!

HanSolo03Han Solo — Still Waiting!

IMG_9694Quinn — ADOPTED!

Lady01Lady – Still Waiting!

Ray03Ray — ADOPTED!

Shrek&Fiona01Shrek and Fiona — ADOPTED!

SirLancelot01Sir Lancelot — Still Waiting!

Veruca03Veruca — Still Waiting!

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