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ARFanage Animals: July

July was another fairly slow month for me at the ARFanage photography wise, but it was also a fairly slow adoption month so our facilities are full to the brim with dogs!! All of the dogs you see in this post are still waiting for their furever home, so if you or someone you know is looking for a great companion go find out more about these sweet pups at the Animal Rescue Foundation website.





I want to introduce you to two very special puppies I met at the beginning of the month, Chester and Lovey. They were found abandoned in the woods at just a few months old and in terrible shape – hungry, dehydrated, had severe skin infections, and in pain. When they were brought to ARF, they looked something like this:


We nicknamed them “The Hairless Wonders”. They had such great spirit and as soon as all their medical needs were attended to by our volunteers, they felt so much better and you couldn’t get them to stop playing! They were so relieved to have a safe place to sleep and regular meals that they no longer had to worry about survival and could enjoy just being crazy happy puppies!


They’ve moved out of the medical room and into the regular puppy suite, and they even have hair now! :) They are definitely the speed demons ¬†of the suite — they love to run and play. You can see more photos and video of their journey in this compilation put together by the folks at ARF: Chester & Lovey’s Journey




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