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SouthSounds Music Festival 2014, Mobile AL


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SouthSounds Music Festival kicked off this past Friday at bars and music venues all around downtown Mobile. Founded in 2010, SouthSounds is dedicated to showcasing new Southern music and bringing up-and-coming talent to Mobile. This year there were some truly incredible acts slated to play all weekend; unfortunately I only made it down there on Friday but I did not see a single act that night that didn’t completely blow me away. I’ll give you a really quick rundown of some of my favorites from the night but there are *tons* more images on my website so make sure you check out the full gallery by clicking the link above.

First up, Alanna Royale, Nashville resident and Boston born (I love her already based on those two things alone). We wondered up to her set late and after seeing her perform her last two songs I was *so* bummed we’d missed the rest of it. You guys, Alanna rocks. I mean really, really rocks. We ran into her at Alabama Music Box later in the evening, she is such a sweetheart and she and her guitarist Jared were nice enough to pose for a quick picture for me. I can’t wait to see where this woman goes.



Next we have Eric Erdman, a truly brilliant singer-songwriter from Mobile. Within the first opening minutes of his set, I found myself thinking “good lord, why is this guy not ridiculously famous?!” With a deep and soulful voice, beautiful guitar riffs, cleverly written lyrics, a smashing sense of style and an infectious smile, there’s really not much to not love about Eric. I was introduced to him after his set by a mutual friend and can honestly say he is one of the most genuine and kindest men I’ve ever met. He’s another I’ll be keeping prominently on my music radar.




After relocating venues, we caught the tail end of Mobile natives¬†Underhill Family Orchestra‘s set. Self-described as “a rowdy, warpaint-wearing, arm-swingin’-foot-stompin’ 6-piece Rock-and-Roll/Americana outfit”, these guys had the entire bar dancing and stomping their feet when we walked in. They’ll be competing this weekend in the Reach for the Beach contest at The Hangout and I just can’t wait to see their full show. I’m sure I will have *lots* of photos to post of them next week.






Next up, Banditos, who reside in Nashville but originally hail from Birmingham. These honky-tonk rock and rollers were probably my favorite act of the night. Loud, eclectic, and with lots of hair flying around the stage, these boys can play the hell out of their instruments. And that lovely redhead there, Mary Beth? Holy shit. The power in her voice will make your jaw drop. I’ve already got their next show in this area blocked out on my calendar, I’d suggest you do the same.








And last but most certainly not least, Rosco Bandana. From the Mississippi gulf coast, these folk rock, americana, gypsy-esque musicians put on one of the most fun live shows around. Their energy just pours off the stage. An infectiously happy bunch, they had the crowd dancing and singing late into the night. Anytime you can catch up with these guys, you’re in for a good night.






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