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Vintage Trouble, HOB Parish Room, New Orleans

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That word kept repeating in my head over and over again last Tuesday night while standing in the Parish Room at the House of Blues in New Orleans. Daaaaaamn.

There aren’t many acts in the world today quite like Vintage Trouble. The immediate impact of their sound, style and showmanship is a feeling of nostalgia for the classic soul and R&B singers of the 60’s, yet they have found a way to make music that speaks to modern times and spread their appeal across generations, as evidenced by a venue Tuesday night packed with fans ranging from undergrads to retirees. From the moment VT walks out on stage their “burn-the-house-down” energy injects the crowd with movement and keeps every pair of dancing feet and set of swinging hips begging for more. Lead singer Ty Taylor unapologetically gyrates, dips and slides around the floor with an infectious kind of confidence that feels effortless but in the back of your mind you know had to take years of careful tuning to perfect. I knew little of the history of this band and its members before the show, but in speaking with a few of the die-hard “Troublemakers” (as their legions of dedicated fans call themselves) I learned that prior to forming Vintage Trouble with guitarist Nalle Colt, Taylor performed in multiple Broadway shows including Grease and We Will Rock You. Add to that a B.F.A. in drama and music and it all starts to make sense.

Now that’s not to say VT’s shows feel overly choreographed. Taylor’s raw, soulful voice combined with Colt’s alluringly dirty guitar solos coat their performance in enough musical grit to make the powerful emotional charge that resonates off stage and through the room fully genuine and let me tell you, the crowd eats. it. up. After the show I purchased VT’s debut album The Bomb Shelter Sessions and while it’s a solid collection of music on its own, you just can’t replicate their live shows. Plain and simply, they’re a must-see.





























6 Responses to Vintage Trouble, HOB Parish Room, New Orleans

  1. Keighley says:

    unparalleled quality . Thank-you.K. xxx

  2. art meripol says:

    WOW! I mean! You really worked that room! And it shows in every frame. All around superior work, as good as anyone going. It looks like a great venue to shoot in, good stage light and all. But you worked the band and the moments and that’s what it’s all about. How are you getting access? Can anyone or have you worked with the venue or band to get access? Whatever you did it worked and makes me want to see THAT BAND!

    • Stephanie says:

      Thank you so much Art!! Yes I got prior approval from the band’s management to shoot the show and had to sign a release for this particular venue. It’s a really cool place, it’s the House of Blues’ “little” room in New Orleans. Being THE HoB and all they’re a bit strict in their release on what you can do with the photos after they’re taken but I knew this band would really work that small room well and it’d be worth it to shoot. The stage is one of the smallest I’ve seen and there is zero separation between performer and audience which basically forces constant interaction, so even though I have to work from within the crowd there’s more cool stuff happening than there would be if there was a photo pit. And you definitely should see this band next time they come through your area! They put on a helluva show :)

  3. Lori says:

    I love your pictures. I was the lady you were standing next to by the speaker. so glad I found your blog. Love your picture of me watching Ty and the band (with the big “0” on my face!) So glad you were there!

    • Stephanie says:

      Lori I’m so glad *you* were there!! I just love the photos of you and your friends in the front row, it’s so much fun when I get to include the die-hard fans in the pictures. I’m glad you found my website, hope to see you at another show!

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