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311, Soul Kitchen, Mobile AL


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It’s not every day you get to photograph a band who provided a huge part of the soundtrack to your high school days, so you can imagine my excitement when I heard that TK101 and 92ZEW were joining forces to bring 311 to town. Apparently I wasn’t the only one in Mobile looking forward to the show: not only was it a quick sell out, fans lined the sidewalk in front of Soul Kitchen this past Monday night hours before the doors opened in the hopes of getting close to these legendary rockers.

With 11 albums spanning over two decades, 311 has quite a library from which to construct their set list. Night after night they rewrite the list and bring something a little different to the stage, keeping even the most dedicated fans in the audience guessing about what’s in store for them which is probably a good thing because as I learned Monday night, 311’s fans are nothing but dedicated. One guy I spoke to standing in the front row had been to “at least 10” shows. Another guy – 14. Another – 8. And all of them were prepared to sing along to anything Nick threw at them (which, in case you’re curious, is cataloged on 311’s set list page here).

There was so much about this concert to love. The hyped-up sold-out crowd; the gorgeous array of colors lighting up the stage (you *know* they have to use amber colored lights for Amber, come on); the custom designed 311 crimson Alabama shirts for sale at the merch table and the dude in the crowd, wearing his brand new shirt, that yelled “Roll Tide” all night (though after an hour of that maybe that wasn’t something to love…); hearing hit after hit, songs you’d forgotten how much you loved (I hadn’t heard All Mixed Up in ages! I still hear the wrong lyrics in my head, the ones that include the name of a certain early 20th c. male American poet. Two golden doubloons to the first person who can name that poet.); marveling at how Nick Hexum only looks better with age (seriously man, tell us your secret). These guys consistently sell out shows all across the nation and it’s with good reason. Warning: if you go to one 311 concert, you’re likely to go to another.


Photographer’s notes: This was a tricky one on a couple of fronts. Chad’s drum kit, stunning as it is, obscures his face from just about every angle. I should have seen that one coming but I didn’t carve out the time I needed to really work around that (it felt like those first 3 songs flew by faster than usual or else I entered a time warp). Tim, the lead guitarist, was in near total darkness and I just never caught him in any usable light so I left the pit with very little of the two of them unfortunately. However the lights on the two singers were excellent and pretty good on P-nut too, and the LD gave us a rainbow of colors to play with which made for some cool crowd shots, especially with that sell out crowd. I usually turn a good portion of my images B&W but with this shoot there was really no need, the colors were just too pretty to loose.

































7 Responses to 311, Soul Kitchen, Mobile AL

  1. Wow, beautiful pics. Great show Monday for sure.

  2. josh says:

    Hey, thats me! First picture, right under the soul kitchen sign, grassroots shirt and black hat. 17th show.

  3. g pain says:

    Beautiful work! Thank you.

  4. Rob says:

    Nice write up. Good photos too! Were you the photog running around with 2 camera bodies?

    I was the guy with the 70-200 2.8 strapped to me most of the night. I’ve only managed to post pics on my facebook page as I’m working on redo-ing the galleries on my website. But, if you’re interested, you can see them

  5. Rob says:

    D’oh! boogered up the html tag, doesn’t look like I can edit it either. Oh well, you can see the photos I took here:

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